The Transcendia Family Of Products.

Transcendia has been delivering quality and expertise to some of the most recognizable names in the world. Our family of products is a dedication to the quality and service our customers expect and receive with every application.

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  • Barrier Bags, Films, & Laminates

    Static Shielding Bags are transparent, metalized static shielding bags that provide a safe package for ESD sensitive products. These bags are a four layer construction incorporating a polyester dielectric and metal layer to provide Faraday effect shielding of ESD and fields.

  • ESD Bags, Films, & Laminates

    The ESD bag replaces costly nylon/foil laminates with metalized polyester and offers the strongest price/performance relationship in the dry packing of moisture sensitive devices. The ESD bag also provides full protection from ESD, static fields and turbocharging.

  • Nuclear Green

    We have a variety of products meeting exacting specifications for military usage. Our vertical integration allows us to do in-house a variety of unique and highly demanding products. Nuclear green polyethylene is a contaminant free barrier product used in government applications and other operations needing a certified, clean barrier material. This material is available in the form of sheeting, tubing and pre-formed bags. Also, a range of millages are offered to meet your strength and thickness requirements.

    Required for stainless steel parts and reactor plant and refueling equipment.

    Parts must be individually wrapped and packaged in heat sealed clean, pigmented green, polyethylene envelopes which shall be at least .004 inches thick (.006 inches nominal).

  • Plain Poly Bags, Films, & Laminates

    We may specialize in critical products, but we also make standard bags, films and custom laminations for an array of applications. Let us know your requirements and we will provide the same level of care and precision to your standard poly products. All of the bags are: standard, industrial clean and class 100 clean.

  • Pure-Stat® & Blac-Stat®

    We offer Pure-Stat® clear or tinted ESD film/bags – cleanroom grades available. Blac-Stat® sets the standards for high performance, high quality conductive films, bags and laminates. Blac-Stat® is a permanently conductive film, offers an option to be a clean and stable method for protecting sensitive electronics and assemblies without having to rely on erratic or potentially harmful volatile chemicals.

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Spec Sheet

Transcendia Blac-Stat® Spec Sheet

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