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Newsworthy technology and quality go hand and hand with the hallmarks of Pure-Stat’s commitment to the diverse markets that we serve. Our teamwork and continuous process and equipment improvement helps ensure that the product leaving the door meets or exceeds customer standards and expectations.

Our emphasis on quality extends to being in the first group of companies to receive the revamped and new ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

New emphasis is also being placed on new product development and next generation innovations. Our vertical integration and combination of mono-layer, co-ex and three layer extrusion and lamination and coating capabilities allows us to have a great range of products and technologies that we can make for our customers. Quality, performance and innovations from a packaging leader.


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PureStat Technologies, Inc.

Packaging Innovations

Low Conductivity At It's Best.

John Franey of Bell Labs, talks about the environmentally friendly and low conductivity aspects of Intercept®.

PureStat Technologies, Inc.

Intercept® In The News

Your Ticket To Better Profits.

This video provides gainful insight as to how Intercept® can positively impact your operation's bottom line.

PureStat Technologies, Inc.

Intercept® Time Lapse

Discover The Benefits.

Toorak Limited demonstrates the packaging of a client asset, and offers insight into the procedure via time lapse.

Going Green Environmentally

PureStat Technologies, Inc.

Speaking With Plastics

Initial estimates say that most plastics take over 1,000 years to biodegrade (or photo-degrade) in landfills.

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Forgery Prevention

PureStat Technologies, Inc.

With Intercept Technology®

Some International companies use Static Intercept™ to provide anti-counterfeiting packaging.

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