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PureStat Technologies, Inc.

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PureStat Technologies, Inc.

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Questions & Answers

  • Can you make custom structures? +

    Yes, being vertically integrated we have designed unique structures for aerospace customers, for high end electronic and telecommunication companies, as well as unique bags and films for the food and medical industries. We developed the retort bag design used by the US military.

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  • Do you have a FDA qualified Anti-Static Film / Bags? +

    Yes, we mainly use only prime, FDA approved PE (polyethylene) resins. Our Purestat™ Anti-Stat is also FDA qualified, allowing us to make certified and FDA qualified Anti-Static films and bags.

    We also make non-ESD films, laminated structures and bags for the food and medical industries. Our engineers and product design personnel help us to continue to develop new structures and new applications.

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  • Do you have anti-corrosion products? +

    Static Intercept® (combining permanent ESD protection with corrosion protection) and Corrosion Intercept® (corrosion protection only) both offer long term, non-contaminating corrosion protection.

    The corrosion protection is over a wide temperature range (-42oF to 160oF) and uses no oils or volatiles. Intercept has an extremely long shelf life that spans for years (possibly decades). Testing from Bell Labs and Dupont has shown that the Intercept® offers a life span of multiple years of protection based on material style, gauge, and aggressive environment level exposure. View our Products page for individual product details and specifications.

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  • Do you make anti-static Poly (PE) bags? +

    Yes , we extrude our own polyethylene films, using our namesake Purestat™ anti-static additive. We have two types of Purestat™ ESD bags, a formulation for cleanroom application and our standard industrial clean formula. We can provide Purestat™ Anti-Static poly as tubing (2” – 60” wide), as film and as bags. We can even convert the Purestat™ bags in our certified class 100 cleanroom.

    Purestat™ Anti-Static film is used as the inner layer of our ESD Shielding and Barrier Bags. Being vertically integrated allows us to make and control the poly layer of the laminates that we manufacture and convert at our facility. We can also add our proprietary additive to our Purestat films and bags making them biodegradable.

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  • Do you use wide-specification (wide spec) or off-spec resins? +

    No, we have found that our manufacturing equipment from extrusion through bag making runs smoother with less issues using only prime resins. The use of prime resins allows for consistent product quality, something that is also seen by our customers.

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  • What are your extrusion (Film / Tube) and lamination capabilities? +

    We can laminate to 48” wide. We often bring in custom films to make unique laminated structures, as well as our full standard line of laminated food, ESD and Barrier structures.

    Our extrusion capabilities range from monolayer tubing from 2” to 60” wide, to co-extruded (multi-layer) structures up to 61” wide.

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  • What choices do we have if we need permanent ESD protection? +

    We have three product lines that will meet the needs for permanent ESD protection, depending on what other properties are needed:

    1. BlacStat™ is one of our namesake products. It is a clean, stable, non-sloughing conductive material that can be purchased as a film, tubing, bags or treated film for laminations. BlacStat™ is permanently conductive or static dissipative, depending on the requirements.

    2. Static Intercept™ combines non-outgassing, non-contaminating permanent static dissipative material with long term corrosion protection. Static Intercept® can easily be cleaned down to class 100A for aerospace and other high end electronic protection applications. Static Intercept® has an activation threshold of 0.7 volts making it ideal to protect class 0 devices.

    3. RIBS MVTR and RIBS Ultra. RIBS combines BlacStat™ with the Intercept Technology™ and metal out foil structures to product a permanently ESD shielding and static dissipative product. The difference between the 2 structures is what level of MVTR is required.

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