"Transcendia delivers high end FDA films, bags, and laminates made to meet the most demanding standards"

As an integrated manufacturer of anti-static packaging materials, our products are available in certified class 50 and 100 clean levels where extreme cleanliness down to the molecular level is of critical importance.

For the medical industry, our top sellers include:

  • FDA PE Films and Bags
  • FDA barrier packaging
  • FDA laminated films and structures
  • New developments are coming

With respect to the health, medical, dental and pharmaceutical industries -- we offer Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved materials for making a limitless variety of industry premium packaging products. A variety of FDA-approved materials are combined in order to provide both light and moisture protection for creams, powders, pastes, liquids and other substances.

Please be sure to view our products page for additional downloadable detailed data and product specifications, available in the Spec Sheet PDF's and Product Anatomy sections.

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