"We expressly understand the damages that ESD can cause to sensitive assets during routine handling, testing, shipping, and storage."

Transcendia is commited to R&D and is constantly seeking new challenges and projects. We exact unique solutions, using state of the art Intercept Technology™ in designing solutions to meet customer demands.

With respect to the scientific community, our top sellers are:

  • Pure-Stat® and AT ESD poly bags
  • Shielding bags and films
  • Moisture barrier ESD bags
  • RIBS™ MVTR and Ultra films / bags
  • Bio-Degradable ESD safe bags
  • Bags - flat, zipper, or square bottom

We offer both standard and custom solutions to protect your most sensitive equipment from moisture, direct static discharge, triboelectric charging, and electric fields during manufacturing, transportation and storage.

Please be sure to view our products page for additional downloadable detailed data and product specifications, available in the Spec Sheet PDF's and Product Anatomy sections.

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