The need for ultra clean packaging in electronics and aerospace is satisfied with our class 100 certified cleanroom and softwall cleanrooms.

We recently introduced the Reactive Intercept Barrier System (RIBS), a new cleanroom phenomenon. RIBS is a unique, Class 100, clean, flexible, anticorrosive film with permanent ESD that continues to clean your packaged environment.

Specifically, for cleanroom considerations -- we offer the following:

  • Class 100 bags / films
  • Hand made bags
  • Continuous monitoring
  • ISO controlled

Other options include, but are not limited to:

  • RIBS Media
  • Archival & Media
  • RIBS Shielding
  • Static Shielding
  • Static Shielding
  • Moisture Barrier ESD/EMI/RFI Shielding and Oxidation Control (available in film, bags and handmade pouches)

Please be sure to view our products page for additional downloadable detailed data and product specifications, available in the Spec Sheet PDF's and Product Anatomy sections.

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